The Spinney Light Railway

Running 2011

First Running Day

Cheerful Nick Mini Cliff

Although described as a testing day we did steam Tim's London Transport 0-4-2T, Kate, Clan Line, the Class 5, Alec's Holmside and Cliff's mini. For Cliff's mini see above. Tim derailed 3 times with damage to drain cocks and suspension. Tim asks "Is this a record?"

Still a lot of work going on; wiring in Bay Tree and Dingly, point adjustment, twisted turntable discovered and boiler testing including George who passed his hydraulic test.

June 18th

George steams towards the gate George on shed

We had several visitors despite the showery weather. The branch was used rarely as the track was very slippery.

Work continued at Dingly and Bay Tree, indeed Bob had been at the railway to progress his work in Dingly on Friday 17th.

However, the day belonged to George V who has languished in the shed for too many years. Today he passed his steam test, thanks his new hand pump, and so was able to run once more on his railway. See the pictures above.

There are a few books with pictures of the SLR right back to when it started.
Most show a picture of George! It's great to see him back and in steam.

July 2nd

Convoy with Brit

The picture shows a Britannia project being towed to the shed for temporary storage.

Other events were the cleaning of the bridges, a motor failure of Number Four points (new number) at Dingly, and the Dingly signals now connected directly to their levers but with no interlocking. You can have every signal off so long as the power supply holds up.

Locos in steam were Clan Line, Karen Tim's LT tank and King Jack. The electric ran for ages giving visitor drives.

Visiting on July 9th

Dave and Clan Line at Guildford Overtaken by Adrian

Some of us went to Guildford and some to Cockcrow

The picture on the left shows Dave M at Guildford with Clan Line where Tim also took his loco. On the right is Mike C driving a class 60 at Cockcrow with Adrian's Metropolitan electric loco in the background.

High Wycombe MRC Visit on July 16th

Tutor Alan

The visit by High Wycombe Model Railway Society coincided with a morning of torrential rain. We wondered if any sort of running would be sensible.

However, our guests turned up and the rain turned off completely - well, almost completely. Controller DG was late by reason of wife maintenance so Alan S had to get things going - thanks Alan.

As before with the HWMRC we offered driving and signalling experience - thank you tutors and especially loco owners who allowed their precious engines to be used.

In steam were King Jack, Royal Engineer, Kate (the experience locos); and giving rides Clan Line, and Tim's LT Tank.

HWMRC 2011

The High Wycombe Model Railway Club publish a newsletter and a 2011 issue included an article on their visit to the Spinney this year.

View whole Newsletter
View just the Spinney Article

Woking (Mizens Railway) Visit on August 6th

Approaching the tunnel King Jack at Dingly

Eileen Grant, Clan Line, 78054, King Jack and "Cliff's other Loco" were in steam. King Jack offered driving experiences to visitors. Alan A declared his drivers to be competent and polite. A good time was had by all. Well done controller Adrian.

The visitors sent some Pictures

Sunday Running August 21st

New Pull Plates at Old Oak August 2011 King Jack driving lesson at Spinney

Pictures show the new pull plates at Old Oak and one of many driving lessons.

A great family day, with everyone enjoying themselves. A garden party in the sun, with folk bringing their own chairs and rugs to picnic on the grass.

Locos in steam King Jack, 78054, Black 5, Scot, Kate and Tim's LU Tank.

September 4th

Getting the token Sept 2011 Kate leaves Old Oak Sept 2011

After an exchange of e mails David D saw the operation of the branch from the Spinney end.....Whilst at Old Oak Shaun had a ride, coal truck class.

Engines in steam: Eileen Grant, Kate, Karen, Scott Line, 1939. Alec's brown Holmside left the railway during August, sold to help fund his new house.

A glorious sunny day, followed by a bbq in the twilight. Perfect end to a great day; thank you June & Louise.

Damp Running on September 17th

Damp day at BayTree

The forecast wasn't great but running took place in glimpses of sun and one sharp shower. However, we abandoned after tea when the heavens opened.

We had a few Cockcrow visitors and Tim's photograph shows young Tom from Cockcrow driving Clan Line with the ever generous Cliff - always willing to share his engine.
Heather and L94 completes the picture.

Engines in steam : Eileen, Clan Line, Kate, L94.

Drivers of Karen and 78054 thought about it, fiddled with the locos then stayed dry.

October 1st: Distinguished Visitors and a Heat Wave

Hugh Joy and George Oct 2011 Hugh instructs High Sherriff Oct 2011

Damp day at BayTree

Top left is Hugh Ballantine Dykes taking charge of George with Joy Brice as passenger - Joy was part of the Ballantine Dykes family whilst they lived at Spinney.

Top right Hugh instructs Michael Joy, High Sherriff of Surrey, as Michael prepares to take charge of George on a journey round the railway. David Joy, Michael's Victorian ancestor designed the valve gear used on the George - both model and full size locomotive.

End of the day

The photograph above shows Michael and Hugh passing Bay Tree at the start of their trip.

Michael's 'Thank You' e-mail said 'Thank you so very much for the wonderful day out. It was the greatest thrill to an old fashioned cardiologist to learn the unique auscultatory sounds of the Joy valve gear. Also get to drive. Very best wishes and many thanks.'

It was an incredibly warm day for October, with temperatures in the high 20s.

The final photograph attempts to capture the atmosphere outside the shed as we wound down for an after run BBQ - Thanks June !

Engines in steam George, 78054, Kate, Karen and Clan Line.

The King Joins In on the mid October Run

King on the ash drop Alan S on the King Oct 2011

Line up at Old oak Oct 2011

It was the King's day as he made his first official appearance with his own tender and with paintwork beautifully lined out. As ever, with a new engine, there were teething problems; not least the absence of a draw hook on the tender.

There were several visitors; Hugh brought a family of friends, Richard brought a married couple (two signal engineers!) and Tom a traction engine lady, seen on the right with Kate; sadly she was the only one I photographed.

All Good Things come to an End

Year End at Shed

Despite a poor weather forecast there was a good number of engines in steam: Clan Line, 78054, L94, Kate, the King and the Scot.
The King disappointed with a few derailments and will require attention over the winter. In the end it didn't rain so we were able to indulge ourselves for the last time in 2011. The day ended with fish and chips plus fireworks.


The second November meet saw the beginning of winter work and the signals taken in.