The Spinney Light Railway

George at Bay Tree

Railway History both Ancient and Recent

Browse here to discover the origins of the railway in the 1960s and its recent history since the website became active in 2007.

The picture above is the earliest we have. The scene is Bay Tree and the railway to Dingly is just a single line. Look at the point in front of the loco.

When Alan and June took over the railway in 2000, the twins Amanda and Louise were in their early teens. As a contribution to the first Friends and Family Day they drew a pictorial map of the railway. Look for a young Andrew, Dick Hogg, Myke Baigent's diesel loco and puppy Phoebe. Pictorial Map circa 2000
It was great that in later years the Railway was part of the twin's wedding events. In 2016 Amanda married Nick and in 2018 we celbrated the wedding of Louise and Eric.