The Spinney Light Railway

An Early Kate in the Seven and a Quarter News

Seven and a Quarter News Winter 2019

The article was in the Winter 2019 edition and the text described a visit to the SLR shortly after it opened. The photograph is of Kate in the livery it carried when resident at the Broome Railway. To make the text readable, two links are provided below.
The double page you see is the extent of the article.

7¼ Text1
7¼ Text2

The article above begins : "As featured in issue 1 of the 'News' -Jack Meacher takes us back to the Spinney Light Railway"
Now, already on the Spinney website is an article written by Joseph Ballantine Dykes. There is no mention of where Joe's article was published but his text does describe the railway at an early stage, so it may be that the JBD article is what is being referred to in the 2019 7¼ gauge article.

Link to the JBD article on this website