The Spinney Light Railway

Early Images 2

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The Scot in black and white

Black and white Scot at Bay Tree

The picture on the left comes from Matthew Scrutton who tells me it was on an old 7¼ Gauge Society publication.

The loco has the old Fowler tender and is probably painted red.

The date will be in the 1970s.

Early Scot at Bay Tree

The scot again as it appeared on the 2011 Camden Books catalogue. We were not absolutely certain that it was 'our' scot but although colour and tender differ the backhead is the same as is the unpainted cylinder cover. The consensus is that it's the same loco.

The date must be similar to the black and white above. Maybe the same day!

A Visit to Spinney by the Cockcrow team circa 1985

Eileen Grant at Old Oak Eileen Grant bunker first into Old Oak

Two pictures of a very clean and new Eileen Grant at Old Oak.
Is the driver on the right hand picture a clean and youthful dg?

Joseph on Emily Duchess on shed

On the left is someone driving the narrow gauge loco 'Emily'.
On the right is the loco 'Duchess of Buccleuch', a resident loco at that time.
Pronounced 'Buccloo' to rhyme with 'Loo'.

Photos from Jamie Heath, then a member at Cockcrow, now a Friend of the SLR team.