The Spinney Light Railway in the Past

The Earliest Picture Of All (so far....)

George at Bay Tree

The picture on the left appeared on the 'Camden Books' website.
E mail contact with Adam Harris of Camden established the picture was taken by Geoff Asplin when both Geoff and Adam were visitors to the railway in the 1970s.
The locomotive, 'George V' is still at the railway and Bay Tree station & the engine shed are just as now but the most fascinating feature is the point which the locomotive is passing over. Clearly at this early stage there was a single line to what we now call Dingly.

Joseph Ballantine Dykes on the 8F

JBD on the 8F

The pictures come from Cliff Perry, one of the current team.

Cliff suggests the date as 1986 and that the leg below belongs to Joseph.

JBD on the 8F

The picture above shows the railway's creator driving the 8F running towards Old Oak. The 8F has returned to the SLR but languishes in the shed waiting for a new boiler. The brake van behind the engine gradually fell into disrepair but in 2009 was brought back to pristine condition by team member Robin Smith.

A very basic Spinney Box in 1982

They are all so young!

Spot the box

The locomotive is 'Rothesay', built by Tom Snoxell and then jointly owned by John Raymond and Joseph. John was Joseph's accountant, close friend and his chief colleague in founding the railway. The loco is now owned by John's son Richard.

Two current Friends of the Railway are visible; Mike Hack driving and Richard Stokes seated behind the signalman. Signalman is Mike Walshaw.

The image on the left shows the back view of the box. Photos from Mike Hack.

Hugh Ballantine-Dykes driving 'Eileen Grant'

Hugh Eileen and Mary

The locomotive 'Eileen Grant' is still on the railway. The passenger on the first coach is Mary Ballantine-Dykes, Joseph's wife. Sadly with her face not in view.

The location is the Bay Tree triangle. We think the date is 1989.

Photo from Mike Hack.

The Engine Shed circa 1990

was Kate really that s*** brown colour?

'Eileen Grant' with very shiny paintwork would have been only a few years old.

Behind Eileen is the loco we now called 'Kate' but then called 'Pegasus' and painted a somewhat unfortunate brown colour.

The blue 0-6-0T is 'Rothesay' mentioned above.

The narrow gauge tender loco is 'Emily'; named after one of Joseph's grandchildren. It was given to Myke Baigent by the Ballantine Dykes family when the railway was sold. Sadly, it almost immediately developed a boiler leak and Myke took it away to repair. He is still 'repairing' it. Will it ever return?