The Spinney Light Railway
Running 2013


This was, above all the year of the wedding, but also saw the arrival of Mike Collins' new class 20 diesel, Tim's delightful goods stock and a long awaited run of the King.
The arrival of new rolling stock gave birth to ideas of a 'Carriage Shed' - only an idea in 2013, will it feature later?

We only just made it!
First Running 22nd June - Wedding due on July 13

Notice the date! The improvements to the branch were a bigger challenge than we thought and the winter weather was not kind - but here we are albeit in July.

New Class 20 Tim's new goods stock at Old Oak

EG recovers KJ at Spinney

Above on the left is the new loco basking in the sun at Bay Tree and the new goods stock, on the right, ready to depart at Old Oak.

In the picture on the left it looks like Alan A has got out of practice and King Jack, having run out of steam, is being recovered by Eileen Grant.

The weather in 2013 began with a long, cold winter but developed into a warm, sunny summer - so there were benefits to our late start - shirtsleeves from the start.

July 13th - Katherine's Wedding

I think Chris was there too.

decorated loco wedding headboard

It was great that the railway was able to contribute to Katherine Ainslie's big day. The wedding was on the Friday and on the Saturday the railway was host to an extra reception.

No need to write anything here just Click this wedding Link for lots of pictures.

We ended with one of this Gentleman's Railway Summer Evening Barbeques - Wonderful!

July 27th

Nick on the blue Holmside Dave on 1369

Back to normal and a day for smaller locos. Pictures show Nick on his blue Holmside which had its first full day of running. Dave's little 1369 dock shunter also trundled round successfully. The rain in an awful weather forecast did not appear until evening so, although we were denied our BBQ, the running was a success.

Added Interest on Running Days
Cliff was controller on July 27th and provided a timetable for the railway. This added interest to the running and was appreciated by (almost) all the team. A feature of the year was for the controller to add 'something different' and we all came to appreciate these additions as the year continued.

August 10th

Cliff, grandson and Jessie

Another pleasant sunny day in this great summer. Lots of engines and lots of visitors.

Picture on the left shows Cliff teaching his grandson to drive his little loco Jessie.
Both grandson and loco did well.

Clan Line passes the toolshed

Meanwhile Cliff generously provided his other loco, the beautiful model of 'Clan Line' for other members of the team to drive. Clan Line showed itself not only to be a fine model but also a strong and reliable locomotive as it hauled trains filled with our visitors round the railway.

Mike H & diesel

The garden was in great shape, green and lush as can be seen in the picture of Mike Hack and his loco with a well loaded train.

The able Controller was Mike C.

Locos in steam : 1369, Clan Line, Jessie, Karen, Kate and Nick's blue Holmside. Diesels Mike C's class 20 and Mike H's Hymek were also running.

August 31st - Friends and Family Day

Most running days are subtitled 'Friends and Family' but gradually traditions develop and the late August meet has become a day when large numbers of guests appear.
Catering, parking and access through the front gate become a major issues.

Visitors Driving jenny driving

  guests at tea time

Robin was controller and successfully organised the challenging event with style. The picture on the left shows the scale of things as the visitors gathered for tea.

The top left picture shows visitor Richard with his loco in tandem with L94 driven by one of Tim's guests. The top right picture is of Mike accompanying Jen Marsh as she 'has a go' - Mike always gets the pretty ones!

The large number of visitors, not all known to the Ainslie family was a concern. As result we agreed to clear each of our visitors by name with Alan & June.

    It was great to see the railway enjoyed by so many people.

Spinney at the Cockcrow Gala in September

Mike and Cliff at cockcrow Scott and Cliff at Cockcrow

Spinney locos are now regular visitors to the event. Above are pictured Mike's class 20 with Clan Line and L94 with Clan Line (Cliff keeps getting in pictures). Also present was Dave Marsh and 1369 and Adrian with the Metropolitan electric loco Sarah Siddons.
The gala is usually blessed with good weather but this time it was grey - although the rain held off. Alan S and Alan A were absent, putting piston and valve rings in the King - see below!

September 21st - Freight Day

The King The Scot on freight

Alan S is deservedly in both pictures having been the lead engineer in repairing both locos pictured. King Edward VII had its first outing after attention to its piston rings while the Scot spent a weekend in Alan's workshop having cylinder gaskets replaced.

guests at tea time

Both King & Scot require a little more work to be fully back in service but the Scot just wants another couple of gaskets and was able to participate in the 'Freight Day' organised by Jamie.

Steve Trower brought a brand new model of an LSWR T9 - the class known as 'Greyhounds'.
Here it waits for the road at the Bay Tree main starting signal. We have all waited here!
It was a beautiful model adding extra interest to a well organised day in autumnal, but dry, weather.

October 5th

Scott on L94 Richard on Eileen Grant

Above are two drivers not seen regularly behind the regulator! Scott drives L94 across the up line bridge at Bay Tree and Richard trundles down the main towards Bay Tree.

Jamie driving Brunel Visitor Ivan

Above left shows Brunel back in service after a long layoff. Well done lead engineer Tom. Here Jamie drives the loco.
On the right is visitor Ivan Hurst, secretary & vice chairman of the Southern federation of Model Engineers driving the class 20.

26th October - Last Run

Mike June and Phoebe

A very damp one. Controller Tim got things organised in pouring rain whilst most of the team lurked in the engine shed.

Eventually things got going and the picture shows Mike running backwards with Phoebe and June riding on the train. Location is the branch bridge at Bay Tree; the trains is heading for Spinney.

Storm damage

The final picture on the left was taken after a storm passed on October 28th and shows a lucky escape for a couple of signals. Not as bad as the great storm of 1987 but sadly there were deaths and significant disruption. The railway was lucky to escape more damage; just a few chain saw tasks awaited us on our first working day.

We now look forward to winter challenges beginning with a maintenance pit and traverser outside the engine shed, detection of a few facing spring points to make us fully compliant with recent safety recommendations and a possible carriage shed. The last is not critical to the running of trains and may be left unfinished next spring, but once we dig the hole in front of the engine shed, we are committed!

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