The Spinney Light Railway

Running 2009

High Wycombe Model Railway Club visits on June 6th

Man with a flag

It was not a dry day! However, we only had one or two heavy showers and for the most part we ran happily.

Bay Tree was still being rewired and trains were flagged through, past the non - working signals.

This picture was my favourite of the day capturing the spirit of the occasion. Here is Geoff at work with his flag and the steamy exhaust of Clan Line telling of the damp atmosphere.

Teacher Andrew! Teacher Robin

Exited youngster, calm Michael

A feature of the visit was that the visitors auctioned a limited number of opportunities to drive and signal.

The pictures show Andrew teaching on King Jack, Robin in Spinney and Mike Collins on the Scot. It was good to see all ages having a go.

Controller David G had a frustrating first hour. The guests were threatened with death should they arrive after 12:30 when the gates would be closed. The guests did their bit and arrived on time, but we only managed a first train at 1:45!

However it seems it was only the controller that was troubled. Members of the team and visitors took it in their stride. In the end we received nothing but compliments. The standard driving and signalling by the visitors was excellent, no doubt due to the brilliant tuition.

The Ainslie Family working their Railway

Lisa driving King Jack Hayden signalling in Old Oak

In June, Andrew started instructing Lisa in driving. Perfectly competent! On July 4th Hayden was introduced to signalling whilst Grandfather Alan was in charge at Old Oak. I don't think Hayden did quite as well as Lisa but he seems to be enjoying himself.

Robin rebuilds the Grey Brake Van

Before                                                 After

Grey Brakevan Before Grey Brakevan Rebuilt

Robin completed his second brake van rebuild early in the summer and we see the grey standard gauge brake van on the crossing near the gate when it returned to the railway in June. It was a sad vehicle when it left but it returned a credit to the railway and to Robin.

Great Cockcrow Railway Visited on August 1st

Adrian, Scott and Eileen Grant S15 visitor

Members of the Great Cockcrow Railway were invited to join us on August 1st and several came including Chris Bishop with his Southern Railway S15. The locomotive is in the right hand picture above. This is a truly venerable locomotive! The picture shows Cockcrow member Grant driving it through Bay Tree.

The other picture is of Eileen Grant with Adrian driving and Cockcrow member Scott riding behind. Eileen is getting a bit venerable too at 20 years old. Her namesake wishes she was still only 20!

Sadly the day was a bit wet but we all enjoyed ourselves.

An August Sunday Run for Alan Ainslie's
Colleagues in Glorious Sunshine

Beautiful Bay Tree

What a contrast to other visiting days this year and 2008. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and, because we always complain about the weather, it was probably too hot!

The other pictures show, on the left, a solemn Mike Hack setting off from Old Oak with his diesel and a good load, and, on the right, yet another learner for Mike Collins. Attractive young lady students are a bonus for Mike, but this one is daughter Sarah.

Solemnity leads the younger generation Teaching Sarah to drive.

Interesting Incidents in September

The Scot banks Kate

The picture shows the Scot successfully banking Kate up from old Oak, sadly there are no pictures of what followed.

The Scot returned and was banked up the grade by King Jack. This venture ended in ignominy when they ground to a halt half way up and all the passengers save one disembarked so that the train could reach Spinney. Determined to restore reputation, DG suggested they try again and the train returned to Old Oak. On the second attempt the Scot set off on a fully loaded train with vigour and stormed successfully up the bank to Spinney, only to find that King Jack was not present having remained at Old Oak after not coupling up.

More seriously whilst Alan A was giving a driving lesson, a student passed three signals at danger as he ran from Bay Tree to Dingly. Fortunately, Alan A was the only passenger and the unloaded train was eventually able to be stopped.

First Trials of the King

First Outing

These were held on an extra Saturday so we would not be encumbered by too much 'advice'. We got it going using Eileen Grant's tender and hauled several members of the family round the railway. Indeed June had quite a long drive.

With all the stock parked around Spinney station we needed to use the tunnel crossover but found the loco bogie had a foul with the drain gear on the tunnel exit point. Undeterred we ran the 'wrong way' round the tunnel. Quite an experience; but that's another story.

Harrow bring some fine locomotives in October

60052 shed: Leicester GC Steamy departure


The pictures speak for themselves. The A3 was 60052 'Prince Palatine'

The standard 5 was modelled on one from the Southern Region which were given names taken from the scrapped King Arthur Class; this was 73082 'Camelot'.

The Britannia on the right was 70007 'Coeur-de-Lion' carrying the shed plate 32A for Norwich; perhaps the Lion Heart would have felt quite at home near 'Camelot'.

More importantly, the visitors were a happy and friendly bunch who were a pleasure to entertain. We hope to see them again in the future.

And so to Winter...

Last Blowdown

All good things come to an end and 2009 ended with fish and chips with fireworks.

No fireworks here as we see Royal Engineer and Kate being blown down for the winter. Final running was in the dark as was the final blowdown.

Now to winter work, looking forward to running in 2010.