The Spinney Light Railway

The Greywood Railway

Just after the second world war a gentleman called John Samuel opened this railway. It probably was one of the inspirations of The Spinney Light Railway.

The Greywood Railway closed in the 1960s when the owner died but the team running the railway found a new home when they opened the Great Cockcrow Railway which is still running today. The tunnel at Cockcrow is called the 'Greywood Tunnel'.

This Pathe Clip of the Greywood Railway reveals a signalled railway, much like ours.
The interior of the signal box seen near the beginning of the clip shows the lever frame now in use on the SLR in Spinney Signal Box.

The Pathe site seems quite busy and may take time to respond. I found that in the evening the clip was jerky because the data came too slowly. Be patient; the clip is worth waiting for.