The Spinney Light Railway

Spinney Signal Box

Spinney Track Diagram

Spinney Levers

Spinney box controls most of the main line including the tunnels, Spinney station and the main gate level crossing. On the main line it interfaces with Bay Tree Junction Box. Spinney also controls Woodland Junction where the single line branch diverges to Old Oak. The branch is controlled by single line token instruments. The instruments, one in Spinney Box and one in Old Oak will allow only one metal token (a key shaped object about 150mm long) to be removed at any one time. Drivers will not enter the branch unless they are carrying a token, so can be assured they will not meet a train coming the other way!

The 19 lever frame at Spinney signalbox is a two tier Crewe power frame which was in use at Manchester Mayfield and when recovered from there when Manchester London Road signalbox was commissioned it was then used at the Greywood Central Railway at Walton on Thames.

When that Railway closed it was transferred to the Great Cockcrow Railway at Chertsey and was replaced there by a section of a Westinghouse all electric L frame which was part of Crewe South Junction.

It was then brought to Spinney to replace the original Cromar White garden railway lever frame installed with the opening of the Railway and fitted with its fourth set of mechanical locking.

The Spinney area is track circuited and there are two automatic sections controlled by four/three aspect colour light signals with tunnel controls provided to reduce the risk of trains requiring to stop in the tunnels.

The signalbox has an illuminated diagram based on the Southern Region pattern the frame for which came from Netley. Netley lever frame itself has just been commissioned at Ropley on the Mid Hants Railway.

Spinney Diag

The down home colour light signal (SY1) is fitted with position four and five junction indicators to control movements over the facing crossover and the features include an approach release and proving the junction indicator to be alight before the signal will clear.

Due to the restricted approach sighting of some of the signals in this area three banner signals are also provided and these use LMS track circuit indicators externally illuminated for night running. One banner signal is in fact located in the second and longer tunnel.

The level crossing which carries the drive to the house over the railway is interlocked with the signals and has also CCTV supervision from Spinney signalbox

The section to and from Bay Tree signalbox is worked as absolute block using former LNWR three position instruments provide with block controls including line clear release of starting signals and the block indicator placed and maintained at train on line by the occupation of the signal berth track circuits.

Spinney Box looking towards the tunnels

The single line to Old Oak signalbox is controlled by Tyers No.12a key token instruments obtained from the Crewe area using aluminium key tokens recovered from the Hook Norton to Chipping Norton section of the Banbury and Cheltenham route.

Associated with the token instrument is a Tylers gong instead of a bell originally used on the GER and recovered from Brentwood.

Token withdrawn controls are provided to release the starting signals onto the single line.

Signal post telephones are provided at key signals which are not close to Spinney signalbox.

The relays used are a mixture of BR 930 series miniature relays both 24 and 50 volt types and shelf types.