The Spinney Light Railway

2017 - 2018
Yet Another Carriage Shed Winter

Carriage Shed Progress

“carriageshed55” “carriageshed56”

The project seemed to drag a bit this year as we moved to tile the roof; only a couple of people were really active in this - Alan A and Peter and if neither were present little progress was made. Nevertheless, by the end of the winter all the railway facing side and about half the other side was tiled.
The other structural work was to add a skim of self levelling cement to the floor to provide a level surface.
Meanwhile Robin led a team gradually developing the trackwork that will give access to the new building - special mention to Nick for machining the point noses as required.

New Loading Ramp

“admiringunloadingramp” “unloadingrampfirstuse”

The best that could be said of the previous unloading ramp at the railway was that it 'just about worked'. Some work was done during the winter of 2011 / 2012 when Old Oak was spruced up; at that time the railway approach to the ramp was improved and some elegant brickwork added, however the swinging link of temporary track forming the bridge to a vehicle remained less than brilliant.
This year Alan S once more showed his engineering skills in making and installing a new ramp with hydraulics to provide an adjustable incline to the vehicle involved. Close to the railway a paved area was added and further out, where the vehicle stands, there is now a plastic mesh to prevent tyre damage to the ground. A final touch was fresh grass seed round the mesh.

A New water Pump

“instalationwaterpumpfilter” “waterpumpfilter”

Another feature that 'just about worked'! Actually the old pump did work and had been in service since the railway first started. However several exposures to frost and general wear and tear had taken their toll. Worst of all, the old pump lived on the floor at the far end of the less than tidy workshop adjacent to the engine shed so when the pump didn't work repairs were conducted kneeling on odd bits of rubbish and paddling in water from the leaking pump joints.
Once again Alan S assisted by Mick, provided the elegant solution - a brand new boxed pump, easily accessible for maintenance, with 'snap on' water connections so the pump can be disconnected and be put away, safe from frost when not in use

Other Odds and Ends


Peter continued to replace the signal box name plates and provided Spinney Station with its own large sign.

The cutting walls were cleaned.

Clan Line went away for refurbishment.

Bob continued development of the signalling for the two line passage between shed and Dingly.

The spring point detection signal which is just down from Spinney was moved so as to be visible to drivers in time to stop!

Point machines were refurbished and re-set. etc. etc.