The Spinney Light Railway

2015 - 2016
The Carriage Shed Winter

Well we started it

tree fellers start of carriage shed hspace=
November                                                    January

The carriage shed site is at Old Oak. During the previous two years the trackwork spoil had been dumped and the site roughly levelled.
This year we started by clearing a tree which fell in an autumn storm (left picture) and digging foundation trenches.

bending the metal ballast pile
February 6th                                                    February 6th

With the foundation trench complete we laid metal mesh found amongst the junk  recycled material at the bottom corner of the garden. This mesh would re-inforce the floor and lock it to the foundations. In the left hand picture Alan S is (with some effort) bending the mesh into the foundation trench.
The right hand picture shows the ballast delivered for the foundations. Peter Willats and his trailer were invaluable here, carting the material from the gate to the site.

old oak track sketch point construction

There was, of course a plan! Above, left is a sketch of the proposed track layout. On the right is a picture of the track assembly team. David Daines was a stalwart and Robin, having drawn the plan, was always on hand to get the alignment of each piece correct. Rail for the project, from various dismantled tailways, was on site but some point parts were deemed too worn even for sidings so Nick Smith machined new parts where required.

Precision Carriage Shed base 20th Feb 2016
February 20th                                                    February 20th

The next stage, laying the concrete base required more young, fit bodies than were available at the late Fedruary gathering but this was just as well because considerable detail adjustment of the wooden shuttering to receive the concrete was required and a plastic membrane was provided to inhibit damp.

bags of cement halfway
March 5th                                                    March 5th

The weather forecast for March 5th was awful and the meeting was cancelled, however in the event the forecast was wrong and an exchange of emails brought enough of the fit and young together to lay the foundations. Two vans brought the 70 bags of cement, three cement mixers were active and a valient effort laid the base. Some aching muscles were reported the following day.

door formers carriage shed
March 19th                                                    April 2nd

At the late March session we began to lay bricks. At least Alan S and Alan A began the work with supporting cement mixers and brick carriers. The main delivery of the facing bricks was on April 2nd and after these had been transported from the gate to the site bricklaying continued. Slow progress continued on April 16th.

david g and son jonathan carriage shed project
April 30th                                                    April 30th

On April 30th reinforcements arrived in the shape of Jonathan Grant. With David G he left Essex at 06:30, was at the railway by 08:00. Jon is a professional bricklayer; he spent the first hour setting out his work and then he laid bricks, with only two 10 minute breaks until 17:00. Alan S was able to work with Jon whilst Tom was the skillful mixer and brick cutter for Jon to lay the bricks over the arches. Alan A was able to progress the back wall.
Thus with the end of the winter we could see real progress. The work on the carriage shed continued into the summer, so to follow the saga, use the link to Summer Running 2016

Other items

baytree no4 point

The mainline point at Bay Tree was worn and Nick Smith provided a new nose.
Mick C supplied the angle grinding skills to finish the installation.

The point on the up line outside Spinney box had been regularly stalling; David G eventually realised that a brace to hold the point in position was fouling the movement mechanism. Again Mick C, this time with friend from France Paul, plus angle grinder provided the solution.

mick cake 1

Mike Collins had a birthday at the railway

It so happened that the actual birthday coincided with a railway working day so here he is blowing out the candles on his cake.

Obviously he is well liked and appreciated because no less than THREE cakes appeared at the railway to celebrate the event.

We bought some new coaches and rail

New coaches

Cliff found out that two coaches, constructed by the builder of Clan Line, were for sale together with some rails.
He then organised a whip round to cover the asking price and so here they are at Spinney! Thanks to Peter with his trailer who fetched them.

If the picture looks suspiciously sunny for the winter, that because we only got round to taking a photo at the end of May.

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