The Spinney Light Railway

The Two Bridge Winter 2007 2008

No Branch Bridge

The old bridge taking the main line over the branch was made of full size (rotting!) wooden railway sleepers.

The picture on the left shows the missing bridge. Alan Stephen and Mike Collins have just put two of the new bridge deck elements over the gap: notice they are still covered in snow. The body left is Nick Smith

The concrete deck elements were provided by Glyn Dando; they were the track base for a 3.5" gauge railway he had in his garden and had now dismantled.

New Moveable Bridge

The same characters crop up again, this time admiring the new removable bridge which Alan Stephen had just completed.

The old bridge supports were of wood and had rotted so the opportunity was taken to provide a more substantial bridge and re-align and re-grade the track over it. This had been the tightest curve on the railway and the curve was eased slightly.

Previously there were no sides to the bridge so we felt sure the passengers would now feel safer as they crossed.

Main Line Re Grading over the Branch Bridge

Making Track Panels Drilling for Bonds

Whilst the bridges were re built we took the opportunity to re lay the main line from the splitting distants, through the triangle, to the junction with the up line from Dingly.

The left hand picture shows Glyn Dando and John Munday rebuilding Bay Tree's point 4. Many hours were spent rebuilding track panels here in the sunken garden close to the triangle. Glyn was the leader of the project and gave us a much smoother curve and a slightly reduced gradient by raising the track as it passed over the branch bridge.

David Grant re discovered Newton's 3rd Law as he attempted to drill rail in order to install a track circuit bond. Instead of drilling the rail he has propelled himself backward down the embankment. The picture shows the beautiful clean ballast after the re laying.

Signalling Progress

Bay Tree Box

The picture shows Richard Stokes and Geoff Bailey at work in Bay Tree Box.

Several track circuits were added in the Bay Tree area and some electrical interlocking introduced. Geoff's particular skill was to keep the wiring tidy and to curb Richard's enthusiasm.

The Two Gnomes

Meantime Bob Thackeray, assisted by Mike Hack were adding some electrical interlocking to Dingly Dell.

By the special request of Alan S*e*h*ns, this picture of the two Gnomes of the SLR is included.



The picture shows Dave Marsh, half way up a tree opposite Spinney signalbox wielding his trusty chainsaw (rather him than me).

In the years up to 2008 it had become apparent that a large tree opposite Spinney box had roots which were damaging the blockwork cutting and a team of volunteers from the Mid Hants Railway helped dispose of it.

It was some tree, over 10 metres high and getting it down without damage to the surroundings showed great skill. Our thanks to that team.

Other Work

Cutting Sleepers

There were lots of other jobs done this winter and I never know when to stop adding pictures of the individual projects. However, I have decided to stop now and just list the rest that I remember.

The new colour light ground signals, made by Adrian Allum were added this year, the platforms and some blockwork cutting sides were cleaned and new white lines added to the platform edge. Several signals were cleaned and repaired from the ravages of woodrot, the point machine for Bay Tree 4 was rebuilt. The branch point at the main gate was rebuilt and of course the eternal replacement of sleepers continued at a cost of several hundred pounds. The picture is of Alan Ainslie sleeper cutting.

Team 2008 (most of them)

Some of the Team of 2008

Left to right
Alan Ainslie, Mike Hack, Bob Thackeray, Myke Baigent, Alan Stephen (head just visible), Dave Marsh, Geoff Bailey, Alec McCloskey, Cliff Perry, Tom Zehetmayr, Glyn Dando, David Grant, June Ainslie, Robin Smith, Nick Smith.

Not in the photograph
Mike Collins, David Daines, John Munday, Richard Stokes, Adrian Allum.