The Spinney Light Railway
Running 2016


Nick and Amanda's Wedding
15th May 2016

Wedding Special

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to host an after wedding event for another of Alan and June's daughters. This time it was Amanda's turn. Cliff made a special headboard for King Jack and L94 was decorated with the traditional white ribbon.

The happy couple can be seen with Amanda driving King Jack.

At Baytree, we presented Amanda and Nick with a card and present and wished them happiness for the future.

There is no need for more photographs as here is the link to
The Nick and Amanda Wedding Section

Carriage Shed Progress

DG's son Jonathan had almost single handedly completed the outside two arched doors in the April of 2016. We welcomed Jonathan again in August, this time with his wife and young boys who were able to enjoy helping dad at work and get in some engine driving.

carriage shed david and grandson

Whilst Jonathan completed the difficult front arches and tapered roof support there remained some brickwork on the low wall on one side and we are grateful to Alan S for almost completing this bricklaying during an October running day.

paul old oak

A final picture shows state of the project at the end of the summer. The structure is now almost ready for its wooden frame and roof which we hoped to add in the winter.

A bonus is that the picture allows us to laugh with Paul during an unfortunate encounter with a pile of bricks.

Paul, a friend of Mick, has become quite a regular visitor to the railway, often on workdays when his skills and energy have always been on show.

Dave Marsh's Standard 5 Arrives

tim 73115

This rather fine model had been long awaited, coming together in Alan S's workshop for several years and now we could all enjoy it.

It is not resident at the railway but we look forward to frequent appearances of 73115, King Pellinore.

Anoraks will know that this 1950s built locomotive, allocated to the Southern Region, acquired the name from a scrapped 'King Arthur' class of somewhat earlier vintage.

King Edward Departs


In 2007 Alan A bought a Great Western King locomotive from America; a 7½" gauge model.

Alan S re-gauged it to 7¼", completing the work in 2011.

It is a beautiful model, with amazing detail - the cab controls are almost exactly as prototype. However, the steep gradients and quite tight curves of the SLR were not its natural home and in 2016 it left for pastures new.

Visitors to the SLR

blue class 20 rod
Visitor spinney 31873 & 73115 baytree

pullman coaches

The pictures above show a few of the visiting locomotives and, on the right, detailed model Metropolitan Railway coaches.

Not many locomotives visited the railway in 2016; all the above pictures and that on the right were taken on the 11th of June.

dave steve

We had one more visitor on September 3rd, an 0-4-2 tank named Stephen and it can be seen on the left

We went Visiting

Jamie oiling up Bob in Hardwick

On July 23rd, David G arranged a special visit to the Great Cockcrow Railway when we brought our locos and had the railway all to ourselves. The friends also took over the signalling. Pictures show Jamie oiling up and Bob signalling in Hardwick box.

There are more pictures in the Archive News 2016

Ted Martins Railway king crossing

On September 4th Dave M and Andy G arranged for us to join a visit to the late Ted Martin's Garden and Woodland Railway at Thame. Quite an intricate layout, with no signals and all Great Western locomotives. Not quite the Cockcrow visit as we were not invited to bring our locos or to drive theirs, but an experience all the same.

You can find more about the railway by searching on 'Ted Martin' on Google and when this page was written this Link to a U Tube video of the Garden and Woodland Railway was active. The video was not taken on the day of our visit.

Friends and Family Day

victoria spinney mick c spinney

bbq chef

Previous years saw several days designated 'Friends and Family' but we are now moving to selecting a particular day and making it special. This year it was August 20th and we were rewarded with warm weather and lots of friends and family.
A warm evening Spinney BBQ ended the evening - As ever 'Thank You June'.


Ladies Day

It was just by chance that on September 24th several ladies visited the railway - hence 'Ladies Day'. A glamorous enhancement, sadly without Heather who was not with us.

Sue Sarah
                            Sue                                                          Sarah, with dad
Robyn June
                          Robyn                                                 June, with the controller

New Carriages

new coaches

Early in the year Cliff was given the opportunity to buy these coaches from the widow of the builder of Clan Line.

Several of the team clubbed together to provide the money and we brought them to the Railway.

Our Locos not Shown in the Pictures Above

The locos shown below are of those that are resident at the railway and ran in 2016 but have not been shown in the pictures above.

78054 Class 20
                            78054                                                           Class 20
Dave and Pannier Brunel
                              1369                                                             Brunel
Eileen Scot
                              Eileen                                                     Royal Engineer


Unfortunately there is no picture, this year, of Karen, a Holmside belonging to
Alan S.


Two New Friends

Sophie and Millie

The lovely Labrador Phoebe has been a feature of the railway ever since Alan and June took over, way back in the year 2000. Phoebe was always glad to see us and was particularly friendly at lunch time! Sadly, it became obvious that she was growing old and she has died.

There can be no replacement for Phoebe but we were glad to welcome Sophie (another Golden Labrador) and Millie to the railway this year.

Team Photo 2016

group ted martins

It has been our practice to take a team photo at the end of each winter and this year we forgot. The photo above taken in 2016 during the visit to Ted Martin's is the best available.

Working along those standing, from left to right we have Mick, Robin, Heather, ???, ???, Tim, Alan S, Dave M, Nick, Anika (Jamie's wife) and Andy Gelson. At the front are Jamie and his son Henry.

The End of Another Year

red signals

This evocative picture of lit semaphore signals at Baytree, in the dusk of a November evening is an appropriate end to the account of our running in the year.

Thank You

Thank you Alan & June for opening your home to us.