The Spinney Light Railway Running 2015
40th Anniversary Year


  •    The Anniversary
  •    Jamie brings a new loco to the railway
  •    King repairs (almost) finished
  •    Visitors to the SLR
  •    SLR members visiting other railways
  •    Charity day
  •    Our Locos in 2015

40th Anniversary - 5th September


Tea was marked with the cutting of a cake decorated for the 40th Anniversary followed by speeches. June did exceptionally well as the cake was only ordered on the day before and had been delivered that morning!
Delicious! - not much left at the end of the day.
Both Alan and Hugh spoke, thanking all those involved with the Spinney railway over the years.

ballantine dyke family speech

Hugh told stories about his father, how he was noted out at two o clock in the morning mapping out the tunnel alignments on the night of his daughter's wedding. The earth from the tunnel was moved to create the groundwork for the track from Baytree to Dingly Dell, so nothing was wasted.
For the cutting of the cake, everyone gathered round and it was nice to see many of the Ballantine Dykes family - of course including Joy, plus Myke and Marion Baigent and other guests from the past who once regularly attended Spinney.

hugh at baytree alan a 8f

Loco 'George' was in steam for the day, pictured above at Bay Tree with Hugh and his son. The 8F was hauled down to Old Oak for a photograph. Both pictures imitate photographs taken when the railway was new.
A great day, lots of visitors, ending with a long balmy barbeque. More memories for us all.

Jamie's New Loco

Jamies new loco Jamies new loco and his family

Here it is, on the left with the proud new owner and on the right with Anika and Henry.
It was a regular performer this year; it's just the sort of loco that suits the railway.

King Repairs

King Edward at speed

Alan Stephen has worked tirelessly on this loco and he has rarely let it venture out of the shed road as he seeks perfection.

However, he did let Alan A loose one day when it showed us what it could do.

The picture shows King Edward VII climbing strongly round the curve from Bay Tree towards Woodland Junction and the gate with Alan A intent on the fire.

Let's hope we see more of King Edward next year.

Visitors to the SLR

23rd May : Visitors from Aylesbury

Felstead from Aylesbury 31873 from Aylesbury
                        A3 : Felstead                                 Andy Gelson with N class 31873

18th July : Visitors from Aylesbury again

adams loco

Word clearly went round the Aylesbury club about our fantastic railway and only a few weeks later we were delighted to host this rather fine model of an Adams 4-4-2 tank engine exquisitely painted in original green livery.

22nd August : The massive 'Tarn Beck'

Tarn Beck Tarn Beck at Bay Tree

When Mike and Lorraine from the Littledale railway in Lancashire contacted Alan Ainslie to request a visit, I don't think Alan realised what was coming! The narrow gauge prototype 'Tarn Beck' was truly enormous. There were clearance issues at several platforms and the rails had never supported such a weight.
Nevertheless, we rose to the challenge and, although limited in route, the engine ran. Mike was generous with driving opportunities and most of us had a go at a loco with quite a different feel. One of the pictures for the year shows what we did to the drive!

19th September : Charity Day with support from Aylesbury

31873 and Karen

Some of the team were on holiday so we were short of locomotives. We made contact with Aylesbury and Andy Gelson and 31873 came again. Thank you Andy.

The picture shows it double heading away from Old Oak with Karen.

This is the only picture of the loco on the day that DG could find. If anyone has anything better he would be glad have it.

24th October : Eastleigh and Winchester visit with Two Locomotives

atlantic holmside old oak

Only two pictures available and here they are. The pictures show the visiting locomotives. Rob Holt with his Atlantic from the Eastleigh Lakeside Railway and Simon Merritt with his Holmside which runs at Bankside, Bainbridge garden centre near Winchester.

The Atlantic was of truly robust design as used to be seen on seaside railways, so was easily the master of quite heavy trains on the SLR. The visit taking place so late in the year meant the day was short and darkness, cold and even rain at the end forced an early finish.

Chris driving

In June we also had visitors from Wimbourne and the usual annual visit from the
High Wycombe Model Railway Club, many of whom took the opportunity to drive locomotives somewhat larger than those theyare used to.

The photo shows young signallers enjoying Spinney signal box.

The SLR goes visiting

12th September : The Cockcrow Gala

l94 and class 20 smiths

spinney friends

This year saw a record number of Spinney friends (12) at the gala and a good display of Spinney shirts, Tim, Heather, Alan S, Mick C, Dave M, Dave MB, David G, Jamie, Adrian, Robin, Nick and Cliff with Five Spinney locomotives running, L94, Pannier 1369, LMS 7163, Clan Line and Class 20.

On Saturday, L94 left Hardwick at 10.50 and arrived back at 16.15, so it had a good run. Clan Line broke her own record running 18.5 real miles in the day, with a biggest load of 17 people, with a T9 as pilot.

3rd October : Visit to Ingfield Manor Railway

richard and wife goods train

Richard S and wife, Dave MB with Alex and Emma plus Heather and I had a great time at Infield Manor Railway. Richard can be seen riding behind their Scot; Alex and Emma were allowed to drive 'diesel' locos, whilst Heather and Tim had a go at the steam locos.

At the end of the day, jacket potatoes wrapped in silver foil were placed into the smoke box of the Scot for cooking.

17th October : Visit to the Vale of Aylesbury Club

nick freight dave wagon

Robin, Nick, Tom, Dave M, Dave M's Stepdad and Tim visited the Vale of Aylesbury Club. Robin and Nick had use of Steve T's T9 locomotive for the day and after collecting, steamed up and spent the day hauling a freight train. The track runs parallel to the Quainton Road standard gauge society and the Network rail line to Aylesbury so the 'big' railway was also on show.

19th September : Charity Day

double heading at old oak

In 2015 we supported a local charity
                    Change of Scene
which is based in Farnham with a mission to help disadvantaged children and young people.

The weather was kind and a large number of folk came to enjoy the railway. The charity team provided lots of sideshows including a menagerie of pets with a tortoise, a snake and a goat plus a live band.
A thoughtful and useful addition was 'portaloos' - we only have one toilet on the railway.

It was great hear that the total raised on the day was £2400, all going to the charity.

Hayden with tortoise music

And to finish the year
Some of our active locos missed from the pictures above

Last steam of 2015 Alan driving
Cliff at Spinney Kate with Wimbourne visitors

David cleaning Eileen


Who says
     he never cleans it!