The Spinney Light Railway

Visit to the railway by High Wycombe Model Railway Club in 1983

The pictures were taken by Graham Machin during his 1983 visit - thank you Graham. David Grant assembled them into this web page in November 2011. Thus any reference to 'now' in the text below is to 2011.


The loco is George, driven by Mike Carvell now sadly not with us.

The coaches are NOT the Aristocraft vehicles that are on the railway today but are a set of three owned by Joseph. They were not designed to carry passengers, indeed the dummy ventilators that can be seen on the roof of each carriage would have made the passenger experience very uncomfortable. The windows were transparent but the insides were empty, which made looking in a disappointment. Nevertheless loco and LMS coaches made a fine sight. The coaches were sold before the Ainslies bought the Railway.

New Old Oak New Old Oak

Above are two views of a brand new Old Oak.

In the set of photographs Graham provided of his 1981 visit, Old Oak was missing, so we can date the building of the branch as 1982.

In the left hand picture the 8F is being driven by Paul Penfold who characterised himself as the Locomotive Superintendent of the Railway. Shortly after I started to come to the SLR he quarrelled with Joseph and I saw him no more. However, I admired his nerve in giving his wife, who had no interest in railways, a 7¼ gauge locomotive as a Christmas present.

Notice the immaculate state of the narrow gauge goods stock in both pictures.

Rothesay Rothesay

Above are two pictures of Rothesay and its owner Richard Raymond.

Richard and Rothesay were SLR regulars when I joined and remained so until Richard moved north in the 1990s. The concrete paths down to Old Oak were first laid by Richard.

Why the loco is called Rothesay I can't imagine. The only Rothesay I know is town on the Island of Bute in the Firth of Clyde with a chief claim to fame as part of the title of a ribald Glasgow song "The Day we went to Rothesay Oh!". (No doubt YouTube will oblige.)

The right hand picture shows the Cromar White coaches that are still on the railway but then in their original grey colour.


JBD on the 8F

A brand new 8F

The first photograph shows the new loco resplendent at Old Oak. Since the 8F does not appear in Graham's 1981 photographs we can date its arrival on the Railway as between 1981 and 1983.

Unfortunately the loco was soon to suffer boiler damage due to an absent driver, a bright fire and safety valves of insufficient capacity. It was repaired but then sold. In the hands of its new purchaser it again suffered boiler damage.

Happily the loco has now been bought by Alan Ainslie and has returned to the railway, albeit kept at the back of the engine shed awaiting repair.

The lower photograph shows Joseph driving the 8F into Old Oak bathed in evening sun.

The loco appears to be hauling three bogie grey wagons which I do not recall being regularly present on the railway; perhaps they were visiting.