The Spinney Light Railway

The History of the Railway.

Young Nick and old Eileen

Here is where you can browse reminiscences and images of the railway from the past. Use the links on the left as your time machine. Note especially this link which includes Photos Building the Branch

The webminder is always willing to receive photographs or information to include in the section. Use the 'Contact' page to e mail him with your photos as attachments.

I would be especially glad to have more photographs of the Ballantine Dykes family enjoying the railway, members of the team from earlier years and locomotives which used to be resident.

Roland White saloon coach

Jamie Heath recently came across the image on the right which will bring back memories to those who knew the railway in the 1990s.

The coach was built by Roland White (whose company constructed the railway). It ran first at Tony Palin Evans' Broome Railway, then moved to Spinney, but left when Roland died; this before the Ainslie era.

It accommodated two passengers, one at either end. The roof opened on a hinge at one end so you could enter. Your webminder has a memory of a night ride in the coach with a dim internal light and clouds of steam sweeping past outside as we entered a tunnel.