The Spinney Light Railway in the Past

Two pages from an American Book about the Railway.

Adrian Allum was given this material and has passed it on for inclusion in the website.

There is no heading so presumably the pages were part of a longer chapter.

The material is presented as photocopy images. This preserves its authenticity.
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Notice the reference to the 50 page Rule Book and the optimistic assertion that it was understood by all. The photograph of Paul Penfold driving the 'Black 5' locomotive at the bottom of page 2 puts the date in the early 1980s. The picture inside Old Oak signal box with track circuit lamps embedded in the diagram shows that signalling at Old Oak was sophisticated even at this early date. Looking through the window at Old Oak you can see a siding which is no longer present; it sweeps well to the left. There is no loading bay. Both features confirmed by the track diagram.

There is a photo credit to J C Meatcher. Does anyone know who he is or was? The American origins of the book are evident; 'engineer' and 'railroad'.

The 'Black 5' on page 2 was not on the railway for long; it carries the number 5157 so, to be authentic, the name would be 'The Glasgow Highlander'. However, George on page 1 is still on the railway and the electric, ubiquitous as ever, sneaks into page 2.

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